• Developing Senegal’s aim is to connect foreign investors to senegalese authorities and businessmen for possible collaborations and to give back to the less fortunate with our charities.
    • Our liaison office’s mission is to attract foreign investors who would be interested in financing government or personal projects that could contribute to the development of Senegal.
    • Senegal and its people still suffer from inequalities and from so many problems, be they economic or social. The aim of our various projects is to sensitize the populations of Africa and overseas on the realities of the continent and to encourage donations that could help populations  to feed and dress themselves, to find shelter, or to get access to education

Our team

Tamsir Mboup


Abdel Kader Ngom

Director of the liaison office

Madjiguene Fall

Directress of the talibe project

Aminta Fall Mboup

Directress of the ramadan project

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