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Senegal certainly represents a promising market, especially since it is considered to be the platform for exports to the countries of the sub-region, thanks to its geographical position and the modernity of its port infrastructure. Senegal is located 6 hours by flight from major European and Western capitals, resulting in a reduction in transport times. The operating costs in Senegal are exceptional (taxes, duties, salaries). The transfer of currencies is free there (presentation of a simple justification) and moreover facilitated by the on-site presence of first-rate international banks: Société Générale, BNP, Crédit Agricole, Citibank etc. ... Energy, which is already cheap there, saves considerable amounts of time thanks to climate benefits. Multiple advantages are granted by the state as part of its policy of encouraging foreign investors. A set of facilities that will serve to increase your competitiveness on African and international markets. In addition to the above advantages, it should be noted that Senegal is among the countries enjoying the best political stability and the greatest urban security, out of all the countries of black Africa. The Senegalese people enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world for their hospitality, For their hospitality and economy thanks to the flexibility of their workforce which allows them to fully meet Western standards and other international market demands.