Rescuing Talibes

Researches from the “human rights watch” indicate that there is an estimated 100 000 talibes kids living in residential daaras throughout senegal are forced by false quranic teachers to beg on the streets for things such as money, food or sugar on a daily basis. Some are imposed daily quotas that have to be met if they want to avoid being brutally beaten. This is of course contrasting to the real quranic schools that exist in the country.

Talibes are the street children of Senegal. Many are orphans, many are sent to Koranic schools to learn their religion, but most of them end up begging in the streets. Very often beaten, malnourished and poor, they live in unacceptable and hopeless realities. Thanks to fundraising, this project comes to their aid through donations of food rations, clothes, and constantly attentive people who care about their well-being.

We also offer the possibility of sponsoring the schooling of these children for those interested with a possibility To follow up on a child’s progress by the donors

Operation ramadan

In a secular country with 95% Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a crucial time for populations, praying and helping each other more than during the rest of the year. Muslims refrain from eating, drinking or smoking from sunrise to sunset. This month is difficult for many poor families who wish to participate but cannot afford it. Our Ramadan project comes to the aid of its populations during this holy month thanks to a fundraising. Every day of the month we have members and volunteers who come out when when it is time to break fast in order to offer meals and food rations to support them during this holy month of mutual aid.