Our team

Tamsir Mboup

  • Bachelor en management, St Francis College, NY
  • Experience in management consulting


E mail : tamsirmboup99@gmail.com

 Tel : +13472479888

Abdel Kader Ngom

Director of the liaison office
  • MBA in Finance, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
  • Certified in Project Management, Georgetown University, WA, USA
  •  Experienced in structured finance. participated in setting up systems for financing and carrying out infrastructure projects in Africa.

E mail : Kader.Ngom@gmail.com 

Tel : +221777558522

Madjiguene Fall

Directress of the talibe project

E mail : magefall99@gmail.com

Tel :+221775148899

Aminta Fall Mboup

Directress of the ramadan project

E mail : aminamboup@gmail.com

Tél : +221776382222